Cultural activities such as festivals, fairs, or classes create social solidarity and cohesion, foster social inclusion, community empowerment, and capacity-building, and enhance confidence, civic pride, and tolerance


Culture on Prescription is an Erasmus+ project that aims to prevent and combat social isolation and loneliness through art and culture. Cultural prescribing is the referral of a healthcare professional of lonely and isolated (older) people to locally available art and cultural offerings. It is a social intervention based on “social prescribing” practices, already implemented in the United Kingdom and Ireland with very positive results, and which aims to “prescribe” to participants experiences related to art, culture and social activities as a way to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Within the project, participants will learn more about culture and engage in a cultural activity themselves, while improving social skills and the feeling of belonging and trust, while also increasing their network of contacts and friends.

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