The state of Culture on Prescription in Portugal – results of the National Report

SHINE 2Europe, as a partner of the Culture on Prescription project, was responsible for the development of the Portuguese National Report that will be made available soon.

The aim of this Report is to understand what exists in Portugal related to this form of intervention. In addition to desk research, specialists working in relevant areas were interviewed.

In Portugal, small steps have already been taken towards the implementation of Culture on Prescription as a form of intervention to prevent and combat social isolation and loneliness through art and culture. However, most of the interventions lack methodology and systematisation. It is important to mention though that there are already some projects related to Social Prescription in place, although still low on extension and impact.

We expect that the project Culture on Prescription will motivate to implement this form of intervention further and replicate in Portugal the positive results that were achieved already in the UK and Ireland.

The results of the National Reports from the project partner countries will be released soon, as well as the Compendium “Health promotion through cultural learning experiences – Facts, figures and good practices”, where more information on the benefits and challenges of Culture on Prescription, as well as examples of international good practices and implementation strategies will be presented.