Painting and theatre courses in Frankfurt, Germany

In March of this year, Christiane Schlang, Matthias Roos, Nora Hauschild and Katharina Popp from the Health Department in Frankfurt am Main, together with ISIS Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur (Institute for Social Infrastructure), offered culture on prescription for people who feel lonely – either for a theatre course or a painting course.

While the theatre course is still running until the beginning of June, the painting course was already drawing to a close. In a “finissage” on Thursday, the 4th of May 2023, the ten participants presented their artworks created during the ten course units. The course was conducted by art therapist Andreas Hett. Both Mr. Hett and the Frankfurt am Main Health Department are enthusiastic about how the participants have developed during the course. Many of those who initially thought that they could not put anything on paper have now created great works thanks to Mr. Hett’s professional guidance. The group has grown together more and more and friendships have developed. Some participants also meet outside the course for lunch or a visit to the Palmengarten.

The health department in Frankfurt am Main offers two “Culture on Prescription” courses: a painting course with Andreas Hett and a theatre course with T-Raum in Offenbach. The theatre course runs until the beginning of June, the painting course has been closed for the moment since 4 May 2023.