Theatre Therapy: Pilot Course in Romania as Part of the Culture on Prescription Project

“Humor and well-being is the main goal of the day. They love to dance, play and propose new situations.”, this is how each session of the pilot course “Theater Therapy” implemented in Bucharest as part of the Culture on Prescription project begins.

The “Theater Therapy” course for seniors is implemented by Cuibul Artistilor (, an independent theater established in 2015 and which has collected over 50 performances. The first session of our course started on March 13, 2023 and runs every Monday of the week (except legal holidays) until May 30. On June 12, 2023 the participants will perform in front of a large audience on the stage.

Personal note from the facilitator Victor Țăpeanu, co-founder of Cuibul Artistilor:

“Strategically I chose warm-up exercises based on conscious breathing and body movement at a slow pace. Then I chose to approach the stimulation of breathing through improvisation by constantly inventing various situations. They constantly improvised with at least one partner and also participated in group improvisations of 10 people. They explored awareness of underlying emotions through improvisation and often chose joy as the predominant emotion. Then they improvised the expressions made in front of the camera and became aware of the complexity of the easy expressions.

They asked me for diction exercises, because want to speak louder. I like the enthusiasm with which they come and are proactive in their exercises but also in their opinions. I do not find in them the fears of a young learner, who is afraid of exposure or of being judged. I can say that I personally learn from them a kind of nonchalance in the face of life, a kind of “laissez-faire”. I don’t feel them tense or stressed. They seek to enjoy every second”.