Enthusiasm about the painting

“Learning to draw/paint together is fun to do,” said Bodegraven native Harmen Kooistra, and it showed. In AFEdemy’s Culture on Recipe project, 7 participants learned to paint under the guidance of Harmen Kooistra from the 9th of May at Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij in Gouda. The last session will be on the 20th of June.

This project is for people who want to get in touch with others and want to learn to draw and paint in groups. On the first introductory session on May 9 AFEdemy from Gouda was present. After that there were 6 sessions with the artist.

Experiences of participants

With support from Senioren Journaal and Sociaal Team Gouda, there were 7 participants present for the painting sessions. They are very positive about this experience. “It is really very soothing to spend two hours thinking about nothing, just painting. It is a pity that it is two hours, because it is over in no time,” says Marjolein, participant of the workshop.

Harmen Kooistra

Harmen Kooistra from Bodegraven has been an artist for over 40 years. In the workshop, Harmen explained how paintings such as the Dutch landscape, works of art by Rembrandt, galaxies, flowers and still lifes can be beautifully depicted on canvas. Harmen was enthusiastic about the project and is pleased with the beautiful results of the participants. “Art is something to create and I really enjoyed guiding in that. In the last session we will put all the artworks together. That will be very beautiful and that is how art should be,” Harmen indicates. For more information about Harmen Kooistra visit his website: https://harmenkooistra.jouwweb.nl/