Successful Launch of Virtual Exchange Cycle Sparks Inspiration

The inaugural session of the Virtual Exchange Cycle, on September 19th, 2023, has set a promising tone for the future. Fourteen enthusiastic participants, including stakeholders from associations of older adults, facilitators, social workers, and more, convened to discuss an art course organized in Germany by Andreas Hett, a seasoned art therapist with 25 years of experience, in collaboration with the Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt am Main.

The art course itself achieved remarkable success, transcending its primary objective by significantly reducing feelings of loneliness among participants. The overwhelmingly positive feedback served as a testament to its impact, leading participants to organize additional sessions. These sessions proved to be key for those involved, fostering a sense of shared experience and providing a safe refuge for older adults and isolated individuals to engage in art or simply be themselves, reflecting the motto: “you can make art, but you are not forced to do so.”

Looking ahead, the Virtual Exchange Cycle aims to nurture cross-border collaboration, dialogue, and skill development among Culture on Prescription course facilitators and stakeholders. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices, this initiative aims to enhance the implementation of Cultural Prescription throughout Europe and ensure alignment with the needs of our target groups.

The next session, scheduled for October 12th, promises to be an engaging platform for sharing experiences and insights on the role of facilitators within their courses and how best to engage with participants.

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