A new session of the Virtual Exchange Cycle​

On Tuesday, 21 November, the Portuguese session of the Virtual Exchange Cycle took place. The event was attended by project partners and other stakeholders. The aim of this session of the Virtual Exchange Cycle was to present examples of how to connect communities with facilitators and stakeholders.

After a presentation of the project by Juliana Louceiro, SHINE, the floor was given to three speakers who presented different experiences of citizen engagement through arts and social prescribing.

First, Pedro Lamas from Trincheira Teatro presented the theatre pilot course “Sensory Lab”. One of the aims of Trincheira Teatro is to bring together theatre and education professionals so to create synergies in the fields of theatre, pedagogy and research. “Art is there to remind people that they have a say”, he said.

There was then a presentation by CEIPES, an organisation based in Palermo, Italy, dedicated to the development of innovative strategies and participatory tools for working with young people and adults, in the fields of education and research through local and international cooperation. Andrea Calabria from CEIPES presented different projects that use theatre as a tool to improve quality of life, well-being and social skills.

Finally, Maria João Marques, from NOVA, National School of Public Health, University of Lisbon, presented the COPE project, with a special focus on the social prescription approach in Portugal. All talks were of great interest to all participants.

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