Project results presented at the EAEA event 

The concluding international event for the Culture on Prescription initiative was held on March 6, 2024, in Brussels. Commencing in early 2022, this project has now reached its completion. Hosted by the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) in Brussels, the final event was deemed successful. Distinguished international experts deliberated on the project’s outcomes, drawing from their own experiences and discussing potential future implementations. 

It was unanimously agreed by participants that engagement in cultural activities can contribute to mitigating feelings of isolation or loneliness, as evidenced by the research findings of the project. One aspect under consideration was whether the professional artists facilitating the sessions should possess the therapeutic experience to effectively support participants when needed. It was noted that this requirement varies across different countries. For instance, Belgium offers a training programme that integrates both professions. 

The presentation of project findings revealed that participants were highly enthusiastic about the project’s approach, the evolving curriculum, and the accompanying training materials. However, successful follow-up and implementation hinge on securing the necessary funding and policy implementation. Policy recommendations have been outlined to address this concern. Consequently, the EAEA meeting concluded that the project’s outcomes should be widely disseminated to decision-makers to ensure subsequent actions are taken.