Final multiplier event of the results of the project “Cultural Prescription in Europe” in Bucharest

A cooler day yesterday, with warm hearts, at the multiplication event of the results of the European project Culture on Prescription – “Cultural Prescription in Europe”, which took place on 18 March 2024.

A family day together with seniors, representatives of public administration and seniors clubs, of NGOs caring for the elderly.

The organizations CARP “Omenia” Bucharest – Social Service, Silver Sunrise and People, Values, Deeds Association joined us and told us about the projects of the organizations they represent and which bring more welfare to the elderly.

The event also reviewed the public policy paper with recommendations for policy makers and associations/foundations, which received positive and welcome feedback.

What we wanted through this project is to contribute to reducing social isolation and loneliness through arts and culture – by prescribing cultural prescriptions by health professionals and directing lonely/lonely older people to locally available artistic and cultural offers.

In conclusion, we ended the event with the thought that only together we can contribute to the valorisation of the project results for better sustainability.