Multiplier Event in Dublin 

Over 30 individuals attended the Culture on Prescription Europe (COPE) multiplier event at DCU on March 25th. The presentations delivered during the event provided insight into the project’s rationale, scope, implementation, outcomes, and outputs. Additionally, artist Susan Leen and project participants made significant contributions, showcasing their work and sharing heartfelt accounts of the project’s impact on them. 

The attendees of the multiplier event comprised policy and decision-makers from the health services, social prescribers, medical staff, other non-profit organizations operating in the care sector, artists/facilitators from the creative industries and multidisciplinary representatives from Dublin City University staff. 

While social prescribing is firmly established as a policy in Ireland, with a robust framework supporting its nationwide implementation, the emphasis on cultural engagement as a form of social prescribing introduced a new dimension. Many individuals have found that participating in cultural activities enhances self-awareness and focus and encourages them to discover their creative voice, forge new friendships, and combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. This innovative approach was positively received, and the project received favourable comments and feedback. 

DCU is proud to have participated in such a successful project and had the opportunity to work collaboratively with a great group of project partners who each brought their unique expertise and experience to make the project successful.