Culture on prescription honoured with award “Next Practice”

The Gesundheitsamt (Public Health Department) Frankfurt am Main was honoured with the special “Next Practice” award at this year’s German Demography Award ceremony on 13 June 2024. The German Demography Award recognises projects that find solutions to the challenges of demographic change. The project was nominated in the “Exemplary in Health” category.

The special award “Next Practice” honours today’s best practice that has the potential to become tomorrow’s “next practice”, providing solutions to current challenges.

Jana Eckert from ISIS Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur as project coordinator and Insa Schrader as associated project partner (Healing Culture Network e. V.) received the award on behalf of the Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt in Berlin from Andreas Greve (jury chairman and director of nextpractice GmbH and the nextpractice Institut).

As an additional surprise, the Culture on Prescription participants will get a special cultural treat: Cabaret artist Timo Wopp not only announced the winner, but also gifted the City of Frankfurt with 10 free tickets for his guest performance in Frankfurt in November.

Information, impressions and a recording of the award ceremony can be found on the ddp website: