Assessment of Knowledge Transfer

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Here you will find quizzes and interactive activities that have been designed to serve as a valuable tool for reinforcing the knowledge imparted in your sessions.

In this interactive learning environment, you will find tests designed to assess comprehension and retention. We aim to provide a structured and engaging way to actively check the knowledge you have acquired.

Quizzes and interactive tools can be important elements in your courses. Active participation in quizzes not only strengthens memory, but also promotes better application of knowledge. Immediate feedback ensures timely correction of misunderstandings, promoting effective learning from mistakes. Successfully navigating the quizzes provides a sense of fulfilment, motivating participants and also promoting the improvement of digital skills. Essentially, quizzes and interactive tools can be integrated to optimise the learning experience, promoting active participation and ensuring a thorough understanding of the course material.




Peer Validation Tool

Peer validation after training is a crucial process where participants assess and affirm each other’s newly acquired skills and knowledge.

In this collaborative evaluation, participants provide constructive feedback, acknowledging their peers’ strengths and suggesting areas for improvement. This method not only reinforces individual learning but also fosters a supportive learning community.

Through peer validation, participants gain a more active engagement and communication, promoting a dynamic exchange of ideas. Ultimately, this process empowers students to take ownership of their learning journey, creating a more robust and interactive educational experience.

Course Evaluation

Course evaluations play a vital role in assessing the effectiveness of initiatives and programmes and understanding the impact they have on learners. By systematically collecting feedback and analysing key areas such as the organisation of the course, instructional delivery, and outcomes and engagement, course evaluations provide valuable insights for improvement and optimisation.

Within the Culture on Prescription project, we have used a questionnaire with 14 closed questions and four open questions, accompanied by two questions regarding the respondent (age group and gender).