Digital Badges

A Digital Badge has been developed for the COPE Project.  The badge acknowledges the holder’s expertise in developing a curriculum and delivering a customised programme in a specific cultural discipline.

ISIS will issue the badge on receipt of evidence that a facilitator has developed a curriculum and delivered a cultural course for groups or individuals experiencing isolation, loneliness or mental health concerns.

The digital badge recognises the facilitator’s experience and membership of a growing community of facilitators harnessing cultural opportunities as a method of social prescribing. The badge can be added to a facilitator’s cv, social media platforms, LinkedIn or website.

Pedro Lamas

Actor / Theatre teacher
He has a degree in Theatre and Education (2006 Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra), and a Specialist Degree in Theatre (2020 IPC/IPP/IPL). He is a Visiting Assistant Professor on the Theatre and Education course (ESEC), and a founding partner of Trincheira Teatro.

Beatriz Teixeira

Actress / Teacher
She has a degree in Theatre and Education (2022 Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra), and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Artistic Education (Escola Superior de Educação de Viana do Castelo). She has been a member of Trincheira Teatro since 2022.

Susan Leen

Visual artist
She is interested in socially engaged projects. Her research interests include geography, place-making and expanded drawing practice.

Harmen Kooistra

I am Harmen Kooistra from Bodegraven and Artist from 1976. My interests include the Dutch landscape, works of art by Rembrandt but also galaxies, flowers and still lifes. I give drawing/painting lessons to older people and every year I make a calendar with drawings of Bodegraven. On request, I make drawings or paintings.

Andreas Hett

Freelance art therapist, artist and filmmaker, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, specialising in work with adolescents, adults and older people.